Krysta’s Birthday!

Have I ever mentioned I love birthdays?

Well I do! Especially birthdays of dear friends and family. This week was Krysta’s! This year I Zac and I teamed up on her big day. Zac was so cute about it. He loves her so much.
So on the night of the 3rd, we all met downstairs to bike to Slab pizza for the party! We of course had the soul cycle out for the occasion, and make a special birthday mix for the ride.

Here is Jordan dancing for Karen to the music!
Zac got hats and party blowers for everyone to wear at the party and on the ride. Dinosaurs for the girls and butterflies for the girls.

Karl is hot!
Speaking of hot check out Krysta in her princess party gear. Zac got it for her special.

Oh, and I got her the flowers, to match with her apartment!
Zac trying to make Krysta laugh:

There was a gang out for the ride, including our friends and neighbors Jake and Becca!

Krysta, the birthday girl with her crown and flowers!

One of the group. This picture just doesn’t do it justice. It is so much fun ridding bike at night with music blaring people laughing and dressed up.

We arrived in good spirits in good time to the restaurant.

The sign says it all:
It reminds me a lot of Albanian pizza, but way better flavors on the top.
The pictures of the guests began:
Jaclyn and Logan were there of course.

Karen was having a hard time with the party blower…it was so cute.

Todd and Pam.

Becca and Jacob.

Krysta and Zac, of course.

Logan and Zac, who look more and more alike every day.

I love this picture of Karen, especially because she was tugging on my shirt at the time.

Karen and Jordan. She loves Jordan.

Krysta and I, friends forever!

Brandon and Leah were there of course. I love you guys!

Then the pizza started to come.

Table One:

Table Two:

Here is the proprietor whose name I feel terrible to admit I can’t remember. He and a partner opened the place a couple of months ago. Karl and I accidentally stumbled upon it the day it opened. It is right next door to a 5 dollar hair cut place and we stepped in to check it out while waiting to get hair cuts.

This is my favorite: the Thai Chicken. SOOOO good!

Karen and Aunt Jaclyn.

Karen wishes her mom happy birthday, among other things:
Karen tried to put her hat on, but failed, cutely.

Zac makes a speech.
So cute!
Then we opened presents! Which no matter how old I get, never gets old.

Zac got Krysta a perfume. It was so cute.

Among other things, we got Krysta some new moon chocolates that were, according to Logan, cold as ice.

Then came dessert. I was in charge and I was really proud of myself. Krysta’s favorite dessert is Angel food cake with fruit mush on top. I put my own little spin on it with some shortcake bites, topped with homemade cream cheese frosting topped with fresh raspberries and sliced strawberries. It was rockin’!

Krysta said she liked it.

After dessert things started to die down and we got cleaned up and ready to go.

oh, Karl.

One last pose for the camera!

Happy Birthday Krysta! I love you!
PS: Also, happy birthday Nick on the 6th, Krystin on the 7th!

One thought on “Krysta’s Birthday!

  1. Cute! Happy birthday to Krysta! Those desserts look really yummy. Also, isn't Grandma Neal's birthday on 7/11? Maybe it's another grandparent's bday on the 12th.

    ps: Nick says thanks.

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