Happy 201st Abe!!!

I just can’t believe that it has already been a year! It seems like time flies for fast when you are having fun!
We of course made our hats for FHE, and had a great time doing it.

February 12th finally came. I had a big breakfast, and only water for the rest of the day. I was totally starving. We road bikes over to Sensuous Sandwich, to so the 24 inch challenge.

Krysta, looking hot with her hat, on her bike.

Karl’s hat this year was a little, avant garde. It looked like a black Chinese lantern.

This year we brought a gang of people with us. Logan and Zac. With the lovely miss Karen.

I also made badges for the event too. For those of you who might not know, last year we decided that Abe invented au jus. That is way we decided to do a 24 inch challenge. We also made an Abe mix for the soul cycle, and Zac’s badge is from one of my favorite songs on the mix.

Another view of Karl’s hat…yikes.

Karen liked it. I did not.

Karl did re-tie my tie. More period. Here are Krysta and I…she didn’t do it again this year!!! I was so mad at her. She had her reasons, which I can’t argue with, but I was really bummed.
Karl and I wielding our mighty sandwiches.
The length of my arm.

Almost the height of Karen.

The total length of Violet Harper.

Brandon and Leah came too. Leah’s sisters children were in town and they came along for the event. Here is Sylvie and Brandon. She looks like she could be his daughter.

Here is Brad and Rachel Miller. They didn’t remember about the celebration until about two hours before, putting him at a terrible disadvantage.

Karl unwrapped his sandwich, and was a little overwhelmed with all the meat.

I asked for light meat, because I was really worried about finishing, so Karl asked to have any meat they didn’t put on mine.
There was a concern…


Brandon Pre sandwich. This is the hat that Leah made for him. He also made a tiny hat for Leah.

Jacob and Becca Bradshaw!

Todd and Logan…the bromance.

Zac didn’t even try it this year. He did it last year, so he just got a bag of chips, and drank his free soda.

Brandon Harper, a big sandwich in one hand, tiny baby in the other.

AND we were off! I was doing it. My technique this year was to just pound it down.

and I did it! I was finished first, because I am awesome!

Brandon’s technique was to not cut it at all, just eat a foot at a time.

The time was flying by and Leah wanted to die…

Victory Poses:
We did it for GLORY! Also mostly, for ABE!

Brandon, a little worse for wear.

Unfortunately, the garbage can that I vomited into last year, was the container for others sick as well. Brad and Logan didn’t make it.

Another picture of a picture:

WE did it! Happy 201st Abe, we love you!

4 thoughts on “Happy 201st Abe!!!

  1. Oh my gosh! I can't believe that you all ate all of those enormous sandwiches! It boggles the mind. Brandon definitely looks the worst for wear. And those small hats??? They were pretty small. Allie, you win the prize for the spiffiest looking. Hopefully, there will be no sandwich shops with contests wherever you move. I don't think your stomachs can take more abuse.

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