Phở (fuh) n.
The most delicious Vietnamese soup I ever had! Brandon and Leah invited us to go the other night and I have been curious to try it ever since I saw this clip on The Modern Family:
“I’m from Denver.” from John 8Asians on Vimeo.I was super excited for the invite and especially excited because Brandon’s buddy Ben was there with his new girlfriend Shannon.
Brandon was the most excited. Here he and Ben were fighting over the first bowl. (Although I think that it was definitely Ben’s because it had tripe in it…yikes.

At last Branny’s made it out. Each couple also had a plate of lime, bean sprouts, fresh Jalapeno and Basil that you could add to your soup. There was also this salty garlic sauce that was delicious.
Here was mine:

Steak and beef brisket.
Here is Ben taking a monster bite of tripe.

It was a lot of soup and I dripped a little.

yeah, that’s hot.
Leah trying to look Asian.

One big pic of the whole group!

Brandon and Leah playing Vietnamese rock paper chop stick for who will pick up the ticket.

Actually I don’t remember what the heck they are doing here but it looks funny. What do you think they are doing?
Karl…he he he.

I love this picture!
Ben met Shannon in an acting class…
Ben and Shannon walked so we offered them a ride home. The only problem was that there wasn’t enough seats. So Ben tool the trunk.

Over all a great night, especially for Ben.

If you haven’t had it, try it. Light, delicious and fun! Pho, the perfect storm of a meal.

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