Getting to Idaho, to See the Eclipse

We left on Sunday to get to Logan. We were so worried about being in traffic.

 So we got on the road. The plan was to get to Logan for dinner on Sunday night, then to get up early on Monday morning to make sure that we could get within the band of totality. And as close to the center of the band as we could get so we would have the longest time possible.

 The kids were all set for a couple of days in the car:
Lucas had his doggie and a whole bag of gold fish crackers. 

Mirah had princess gold fishes, and her journal. Super set. 
Ready and happy! 
The traffic wasn’t terrible on the way up. A little extra heavy for a Sunday, but no stops. 
We got to Grandma and Grandpa’s house just as they were getting out of church.
The kids got right to work playing with the toys.
And Lucas found his favorite dog toy. 
Grandma laughed that she has had that toy forever. Karl said he remembered playing with it when he was a little boy. 
Soon enough we headed over to Aunt Shirlene’s house. 
It was Sunday, so everyone quickly fell asleep. 
When we woke up, Aunt Shirlene had made dinner. There was ham, and potato casserole, and ceasar salad, and dinner rolls with three different types of freezer jam, and asparugus. We were even treated to a sour dough crepe treat. 
They always spoil us. 
After dinner the kids and Karl hung out on the hammock. 
Grandma and Grandpa came over for dinner. They were concerned that we would drive into the eye of the storm. But they wished us luck. 

The kids loved Aunt Shirlene’s house, and although we were only only children there, there were so many fun toys that the kids had no end of fun.  

It was bed time and we read a story. 
And put the kids to bed. 

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