Demolition Derby

After a nice chill day, it was fun to get out and do something with a crazy crowd!
We went down for round three of the Spanish Fork Demolition Derby.

I had papusas for dinner.

While we waited our turn we sat and gave the kid tips for college. Like, always wear shower sandals  in the dorms, or make sure to apply to a safety school.

They were really beany, and they didn’t have enough cheese and slaw. But ok. 

Karl got an Elote. 

He loved it. 
I mean really loved it. 

The derby began and the Utah Valley Dairy court greeted us. 🙂
Then it was time for the pledge. 
So regal. 

I ran and got some kettle corn and look who I found!

The Whitmores. Cameron and Kelly were meant to come with us. But they canceled last minute and so we took these babies!! 

The derby finaly started!! 

Not once, or twice but THREE times in the derby one car pinned another underneath it. 

It was flipped over by a bunch of firemen:
IT was really loud at there:

It was all fun and games, except there was a little boy in front of me that looked just like LUCAS! It made me miss my boy. 
The final heat:

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