The Ski Bike

Once upon a time, Karl and Zac had an idea:
A ski bike. Which basically constituted a bike with ski’s on it.

Here is the bike.

Here is a ski.

5 hours later:

We went to find a place to test it out. We found some snow across the street from this building.

The boys were so excited, I was really nervous. I brought the insurance cards just in case.

Here’s Karl on the maiden voyage…

Right off the bat there were problems… the spokes you put your feet on came right off.

While they worked on it Krysta, Karen, and I sledded down the hill. We ended up in front to the Marriott center.

It was cold but Karl was so happy.

Whitmore family photo! It took four tries, and it was worth it!

It was really hard to take good action shots because it was so dark!



Me. It was really fun and much safer than I thought. No need for the insurance card.

Yeah! Karl and Karen about to go down the hill.

Karl and Allie.

People must have thought that we were nuts with this thing stuck on to the back of our car…

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