Post Christmas Gift Card Extravaganza!

It was our last Saturday before school started. First Saturday after vacation so we needed it badly. What ever would we do to get ready for the time of stress? Use all the gift cards we got from Christmas. We slept in until 11am, and probably could have slept longer, but got up and got started.

We started with breakfast.

Karl’s mom re-gifted me a Starbucks gift card.

Oh, yeah I forgot to take pictures until the end of the day, but I thought just writing about it would be boring, so I inserted pictures… from the Internet, enjoy. The cool thing about breakfast, was that we ended up seeing our friend Randall there. Karl got a Dulce cinnamon hot chocolate with a plain bagel. He had a blueberry crumb muffin for dessert. As for me, I had a caramel steamer and a cheese bagel. I had a maple pecan scone for dessert. Plus we had 5 dollars left on the gift card after that. Thanks mom!

After breakfast we went over to Lowes to use the Visa gift car grandma Regina gave us.

Not unlike this one, except Grandma Regina was more generous, as always.
We ended up buy a corded dremel, for all of our craft cutting needs. Very exciting. Grandma Regina, thanks!

My mom and dad gave Karl a Sees Candy gift card for 1 pound of chocolate in his stocking.
A lady not unlike the one above us met us at the door and we took our time picking out an assortment of delicious chocolates.
I mean Mom, look at Karl’s eager face. He is in heaven. So was I. We of course got tons of Bordeaux, our favorite. Thanks mom and dad.
By this time it was neatly 5, so we were ready for some dinner. We headed over to Carino’s one of our absolute favorite places, for dinner of Grandma Denny.
When Karl and I were first dating he worked at Johnny Carino’s. I still think of him in his all black uniform and apron. I remember meeting him there for lunch all the time. He switch his schedule around there so we could be together at night more. The day before we got married we got a free dinner there from White the manager at the time. It is a part of our past, and we just love going there.

Anyway… we did it right. We got drinks, calamari (a dish that I had never tried until I met Karl and he introduced it to me at Carino’s, now one of my favorite things) and for dinner,

Well what else? The Penne Gorgonzola, only the best thing on the menu. I also like the Baked Tortellini. Still, no matter what I order, and no matter how good it is, I always wished I had bought the Penne Gorg.

Here we are:
We went home, our belly’s full and had See’s Candy for dessert and finished a project for Karl’s calling with the dremel. I randomly checked the mail, and found the last gift of Christmas in the mail:
It was from my only niece Gaby. Isn’t it totally awesome?!
It’s call Sephora Favorites. It is this really cool box set of 7 deluxe mini bottles of perfume.
It includes: Doir; Addicted Shine, Juicy Couture; Juicy, DKNY; Be Delicious, Givenchy; Very Irresistible Givenchy, Ralph Lauren; Romance, Stell Mc Cartney; Stell, and Marc Jacobs; Daisy. But it doesn’t end there. When you decided which one you like the best, there is a certificate inside for a free full sided bottle of the perfume of your choice! This was such an awesome gift. Thanks Gabi!

Thanks to all again for the fab Christmas, and the great day we were able to spend together. We love all of you!

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