The Dog Days of Summer: The Ashton Gardens with Luna Tuna

Summer time, and the living is…busy! We had swimming lessons today, then Mirah’s annual check up! She is doing awesome of course. I love this little girl.

Once all of that was done, we headed out to the Ashton Gardens to check out the “Dog Days of Summer.” On Wednesdays during the summer the gardens allow puppies to come and accompany their families in the park.

We were all really excited to have our Luna with us.

She was having a ball, really. I think she would have had more fun OFF leash, but it was fun to smell of the smells, and be out with us. The funny thing was, there really weren’t any other dogs! We saw a couple leaving on our way in, but none while we were in the park.

The lack of dogs didn’t get us too down though. There was a new exhibition of huge Lego sculptures. We had fun trying to find them as we ran around in the sun.

It was a warm day, and little Luna was getting hot.

One of our favorite stops of the day was the “Shakespeare Fragrance Garden.” This area of the Gardens is always called the “Fragrance Garden” but that day they had specially curated areas with plants that would coordinate with some of the works of The Bard. My favorite was the Ophelia’s Flowers speech from Hamlet.

We found more sculptures, and then while in the Secret Garden, our warm little puppy found a puddle in the shade to cool off in. Or on, I guess.

We found all by two of the sculptures I think. The kids had fun, Luna had her walk, and it was time to get out of the sun for me!

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