Ceder Hills Family Fest: Food Truck and Car Show

Mom and Dad are loving discovering new things about their new community. I think that moving to Utah, and Cedar Hills has been mostly a great experience. There are however times when they miss the familiarity of their lives in El Centro and the people they knew and loved forever. So enjoying community events helps remind them why they moved here in the first place. One such event we enjoyed with them was a part of the annual Cedar Hills Family Fest.

Yes, its that time of the year, The Summer in Utah County. Every community in the area has some kind of fest, and Cedar Hills kicked off the summer. They had their Family fest, next week is Orem’s Summer Fest, a week or so after that is Pleasant Groves Strawberry Days, Later in the summer there is Fiesta Days in Spanish Fork and Steel Days in American Fork…and those are just the fests I know off the top of my head!

We went with mom and dad to the Food Truck and Car show at Heritage Park. These cuties…walking around with that that evening was like going back in time. The nostalgia was THICK, and both mom and dad were smiling a giggling.

We had dinner from a Mexican food truck before we did our official laps. I was surprised that even Mirah and Lucas were impressed and interested in the beauty and engineering of these old cars.

Dad, relenting to a photo. It felt like a lot of these people knew each other. Like they did the classic car circuit together. Dad loved this classic 1957 Chevy Bel Air. Then Mom and Dad stopped at this 1978 Z28 Camero. This was the car that they had when they were first married. Except theirs was red. Mom put two kids in two car seats in the back of this thing. There was lots of laughter and teasing and punching of dad from mom while we talked around this car.

It was a feast for the eyes. Everting was just so cool.

Dad stopped at this one. It was the same model that Grandpa Pipkin used in the early days for Pipkin Trucking.

Lots of looking in the hoods of cool cars. We had a really great time.

Lucas found his favorite stop of the evening: An old Chevy decked out with a toy Drive In theater in the back. We could hardly drag him away. The owner even had an old drive in speaker on display.

Mom’s nail polish matched the car.

We headed out, mom and dad recognizing a friend from their neighborhood on their way out. They are becoming a part of their community. It takes time, but they are doing it.

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