Christmas Bike Ride-In the Snow

I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes. There is snow in Provo Utah, so the Christmas spirit grows! We put the tree up the day after Thanksgiving. We have been celebrating every day of December, and on the 7th day of Christmas, the paper chain said, “Christmas bike ride.”

For the occasion, we of course broke out the soul cycle, and Karl did something special for Christmas…He put a string of Christmas lights on his bike! It looked so awesome!

I dressed up in my Christmasy warmest outfit.

It was cold…and there was snow but we were so excited.

We met Zac, Krysta, Karen, and Jordan downstairs.

It took some practice, but eventually I got it. I never fell, not once!

Slowly but surely…

We went down 1st South and ended up at the tabernacle, with all the Christmas lights.

Everything was covered in snow.

Even the lights on the tree. It looks so magical.

I took lots of mental pictures.
Here we all are on University Ave and Center. We were all freezing, but so happy and having a blast.

Here is the forward view.

I took some video of the experience. I wish you could all have been there.
I just about dropped the camera at the end here…the video continued:
Mid-ride happy shot!

There was so much snow! It was like ridding in slippery sand.

Check out my wheel.

We decided to go out from hot coco.

Bingham Cycles.

We ended up a Trends Cafe. It is this little place on Center connected to Pioneer Books. It is so cool. Karl and Zac played a game of chess and Krysta, Karen and I chatted while Jordan looked around at the books.

Karen was finally out with us. I looks like she likes the couches.

This is her new smile.

One eye closed, big teeth. SO cute.
We had some great coco and HazelNog. Basically a Steamer with half eggnog and some hazel flavoring. IT WAS AWESOME, and totally Christmasy.

Karl couldn’t get enough of it.

We finally headed home around eight.

Zac couldn’t help but ride through some heavy snow in front of the New Skin building.

Home again, home again, jigidy jog.

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