Christmas Lights

Late November I found an add for an event at:
That says thanksgiving point in Lehi Ut. It was an Ice carving contest. It was advertized to be epic. We drove out with Krysta, Zac, and Karen. We were all PUMPED! When we got there…

It was canceld, becuase it was one guy.

He had to leave because of work obligations, I think that it was supposed to be a dinosaur.
Never fear! There were lost of other things to hold our attention. The problem was that it was TOTALY FREEZING!

I mean it was so cold. Like…15 degrees. SO cold. Luckily we found a fire.
Karen was well taken care of.
We walked around for a while. The best thing that we saw was reindeer. It was so cool. I had never been that close to one before.

We made our way inside and re-grouped.

There was also this Christmas lights drive, so we headed over.

Krysta and I were in the back with Karen and the boys were up front.

Here’s Zac paying.

We entered the gate, and were were greeted with the above sign.

And some skiers.
This was probably my favorite set of lights:
One our way out, we had a sweet farwell from Santa. (Listen to Karen when she says animation)
I was glad that they put Christ into the presentations. There was this nice little nativity at the end.

We were happy, and although the lights were pretty low grade, we all have a fun time.

On our way home we went to 7-11 for some hot coco to warm up after a freezing cold night.

It was at this point Karl discovered dulce de leche creamer, he had 5 in his coco. Overall, not what we expected, but really fun.

One thought on “Christmas Lights

  1. who's car were you in? That doesn't look like Hondie.
    That was really some ice sculpture! Very detailed.
    My favorite part would have been the hot chocolate. I love Starbuck's hot chocolate, but Marc doesn't like me to go there because people might think I am getting coffee. "Avoid the very appearance of evil!"

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