Mom and Dad Hite Make a Vistit

We were blessed to have a Visit from our Hite parents this weekend. It was really good to see them especially since we were unable to be with them during the holiday because of work and studying. They arrived on Saturday afternoon, and it was awesome. We went shopping at DI, and Old Navy right away. Once we were all shopped out, we went to Tepanyaki Japanese Grill and Steak House. It was bodacious.
I love Asians.

Here are me and mom hanging out while waiting for a table.

We were all smiles once we got seated.

I know, we are really hot.
This is the setup:

A guy at a grill with the table wrapped around it. We were front and center.

First they brought us this really yummy onion soup.

Then a salad. The dressing was a weird thousand island ranch combo…I didn’t care for it.
Then out came John, our Chef.

Watch him go!
I think I lost part of my eyebrow in this explosion.

He grilled up fried rice, noodles, then the veggies.

Next on the the proteins. Check out all of that shrimp.

John threw a piece of shrimp into each of our moths. Here is dad right after catching it in his mouth.

We got the Deluxe Combo, and it had a little bit of everything. Yum!

And for the Finale…

Yes that is a little doll peeing on the fire.
Next they brought us ice cream with chocolate sauce.

Over all an awesome experience. So fun.
We headed back to the apartment where mom presented us with Grandma Barney’s Christmas present.
Don’t look at the pictures below if you want to be surprised by Grandma Barney’s gift this year. For those non-Hite/Barney/Matthews/Hickens/ out there Grandma Barney has a cool Christmas tradition. She sends a Christmas decoration to all of her married grandchildren and their spouses each year. Many of my Christmas decorations are from this wonderful woman. So when mom presented me with the present I was really excited.

It was the first present of Christmas so Karl and I opened it together.

His and Hers singing stuffed snowmen.

We named him Ron Dong De Dong Dong, Hite.

Next we played BANG with mom and dad. Here’s Karl laying down the rules.

We drank apple cider and had a grand old time. We played for hours and decided that we would definitely be playing more over Christmas when we came home.

Right before we were all done we went through our shopping bags and showed off all of the stuff we bought. Mom pulled this skirt out of her DI bag:

It was a skirt that I had donated a couple weeks earlier. Yeah…want a coincidence. Thanks mom and dad for all the fun.

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