Thanksgiving, Just Another Day

I worked all day. The minute I got home I ran to the store. Karl had been studying all day for the P-1 actuarial exam and was beat when I got home. We hurried and made the mashed potatoes that we had peeled cut and left to boil the night before. We also brought a pumpkin cheese cake we had made the night before:

That’s right, from scratch. It was amazing.
We got to Krysta’s around 3:30.

We were welcomed with another anti-car mural. That’s Krysta and Zac Shooting down a car turkey.
I came in and sat down, and didn’t get up until we left. That is why all of my pictures are from the same angel. People just kept bringing me food. Karen jumped up and ate some holiday appetizers with me. We ate cream cheese and cocktail sauce with shrimp and crackers. We had Janae’s Spinach dip and celery with this cream cheese and nut filling. Then the tray of olives was pulled out and Karen was really excited.

Here’s Zac consoling her after we had to stop her throwing them.

Of course, on the fingers they go.

Karen cheered right up when more people started to arrive. Including Krysta’s Uncle and Cousins. This is Ari, isn’t she so cute. She is 4 and was all hands. She wanted to grab everything in sight.

Logan and Jacqueline were there. Also our neighbor and new friend Jay. Jay is really funny. He dressed up as Jesus for Halloween. He’s the bearded guy on the far right. In fact as I sat at dinner I felt a little out of place with out a beard.

This is the first time I had seen Jacqueline since her baptism so it was really fun to catch up with her.

Soon enough the turkey was out. Here is Kaden. Another one of Krysta’s Cox cousins.


After dinner Ari and Karen played.

I didn’t get any pictures of Janae or Krysta who were the master cooks and planners of the evening. It would be really rude of me to not take a minute and say thanks to both of them. The turkey was amazing. The rolls were delicious. Thanks for having us!
Here is a piece of the cheese cake. It was an awesome hit. We were really proud.
As we left the window sill outside told the story of the party inside. It was a fun evening. We went home full and tired, and fell asleep. I think that it felt like just another day because I had to put forth so little effort.

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving, Just Another Day

  1. Hey Karl and Allie, how's about you make another pumpkin cheesecake for Christmas? That would be amazing.
    My mouth exploded when I saw the picture of it.

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