Maryn’s Sweet Extensions

My sister Maryn works at a day spa in San Diego. She has the most beautiful hair. One of the perks of working at a place like this is getting the sweet hair product hookups. This hair was customized to match Maryn’s. It is amazing. After she got into town the day before the wedding, she took them off and they covered our computer desk.
Branny tried them on. He looked hot.

Check him out modeling them…in action.
Check me out. I felt like Ariel.

3 thoughts on “Maryn’s Sweet Extensions

  1. Allie, I must admit that you do look a lot like Arial, but Brandon is definitely the most glamorous of all. It will be a photo to go down in history. It reminds me of the time that your dad dressed up for a musical rendition of "A Hundred and One Pounds of Fun" from South Pacific.

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