Cameron+Kelly= Camerelly

Why does my mom look so happy?
Well, only because she is finally hanging out with all of her hot/cool/brilliant/rockin’ kids! Also because her oldest and most attractive son was finally getting married.
My whole family was in town. We all went out together to, The Olive Garden. We always seem to go there. Cam says that I am the one who always wants to go, but it was Mom’s idea this time.


Leah wasn’t there for the first little while because she was at work, and Karl never came out with us because he was busy taking a test.

Cameron and Kelly, the man and woman of the hour.

Brandon looks like my dad; especially when they smile.
Mom is just a hotter version of Maryn. And lets be honest, Maryn is really hot.

Except Maryn likes to get tipsy. Just kidding I don’t know, she looks like she is enjoying it just a little too much. Leah arrived and the party finally got started. Brandon was certainly happier anyway. After dinner we all got together at my house. All the girls had a really fun sleepover at our house. After an early breakfast was all headed out to the Salt Lake City court house. This is seriously cool building. Also it was totally empty because it was a Saturday. We were all excited so we started taking pictures while we all waited. and waited… and waited. Finally Cameron and Kelly finally arrived. We all headed up to this super cool room with a suprieme court feeling and a huge picture of Brigham Young on the wall.

Grandma and Grandpa were there too. They were the only non-immidiate family there besides Kelly’s best friend.
Here they are right before the ceremony. They are so cute!

Cam looked so happy. The ceremony was preformed by Kelly’s family bishop. It was a really cool ceremony. What else do I need to say. We are awesome. The snow was falling when we came out of the court house, the first snow of the season. After all of that we ended up at Grandma’s house.

We did name exchanges for Christmas, and Branny got Karl for the fourth year in a row.

After a while there was a luncheon at Kelly’s parents house and it was really fun. Flash forward another few hours and we were at the Italian Place. It was my dad’s favorite place when he lived in Provo. So we all packed into the car and had an awesome sub. After dinner we went back to my place and watched KungFu Panda and Dad bought about a million treats to eat. We had M&M’s, Oreos, Root beer floats. Maryn made her famous rice crispy treats and we all just sat around and laughed and talked. It was just an amazing time.

3 thoughts on “Cameron+Kelly= Camerelly

  1. Allie, You got some really great pics! I think that yours
    of the ceremony are the best I've seen so far. Nice job! "Camerelly" ?????? I don't know, I may warm up to the idea

  2. Great pictures! You took such a variety. I love the one of you and Chelsea. Besides all the family pictures, I like the shots of the building. The two of Cam and Kelly during the ceremony are the best.

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