Jazz Night!

I know that you wouldn’t know it, but Karl and I are really hip kids. I guess we are cool by association this time. My dear friend Dev is a Jazz singer (among other things) and she sang with a band down here in Provo this week. It was a great time and totally something that we wouldn’t have done otherwise. The place was this sweet little joint called muse.

Muse has a little cafe’ and even cooler…

A photobooth, and we were really excited about taking some sweet pictures.

So we jumped in. We waited and waited.

And the pictures never came. However, Dev and Sam arrived and we went into the concert.

Dev was up and she was great.

Check her out:

The room was totally dark exept for this red light sign, and the stage of course.

It made everyone appear red.

Sam was there of course. We haven’t seen him in almost a year. He was busy brushing up on his vocab for the GRE, or the GMAT.

The night went on and we really loved the band.

Once last song for the road.

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