I Whipped the Uni-Park Hill

Friday is a magical day. Your weekend begins, you can stay up late, we get to spend so quality time together. Krysta, Zac, Karl and I had some great plans for Friday. A bike ride to the movies to see the new Ellen Paige movie, Whip It. We were especially excited by the grand debut of Karl’s newest project, the Soul Cycle. It is this awesome modded out Tupperware with speakers fit into it and a 12 volt 7 amp hour battery which plugs into our i pod and straps onto the the racks of our bikes. Here is Karl,his bike, and the soul cycle.

Karl explains more here:

Krysta and Zac were excited to be with us on this special occasion.

The road up to the University mall is a fun ride. All except one half mile stretch…the hill. My bike is rockin’, but it only has five gears, which makes that type of hill especially hard. I was going really slowly, and I was in my first gear, but I never stopped, and I never got off my bike to walk it up, I did it! On my first try! We got to the theater and I was POOPED!
But smiling!
Karl really loves the soul cycle.
The theater was not very full, but the movie was so good! We loved it! All of you, see this movie.

Across the parking lot was five guys and I feel like I earned the calories.

Krysta was really excited too.
As always, we had a great time with our good friends.
The ride home was crazy. We were going down the hill really fast in the dark. There was a moment where I felt I needed to suddenly stop and Karl ran right into me. Ouch!
We finally made it home where Karen was ecstatic to see her parents. We decided to bike around the neighborhood for a little while longer and by the time we went to bed we were exhausted. It was another great day!

3 thoughts on “I Whipped the Uni-Park Hill

  1. Bobs! Way to go up the hill without stopping! I wouldn't have made it to the first curve. I especially like the "soul cycle"! Who did Ren stay with when you were biking up the hill?

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