Jaquline’s Baptism

Last Saturday our friend Jaquline got BAPTIZED! It was a beautiful ceremony and the spirit there was tangible. Jaquline looked so beautiful in white and it was really amazing to be able to be a part of it. We met her through our friend Logan. They have been dating for a few months now since they met at work.
Karl and I really like Jaquline. She is one of the kindest and sweet girls we know.
After her baptism we were all invited to the Flores family home. They are a family she met through a co-worker and who introduced her to the church. She took the lesson’s in their home and you couldn’t ask for a nicer people.
When we got there the Whitmore’s gave her a picture to congratulate her.
The food was really good.
The best stuff was this sweet salad with whip cream, grapes and pretzels. Karl and I shared this portion.

Most of the Whitmore clan was there to support. This included Janae and Cassidy. As well as Krysta and Zac.

This is the first baptism we have attended together since our missions.

It was Karen’s and my FIRST baptism together.
The funny thing was that Jaquline was baptized on Brother Flores’s birthday. So we celebrated both “birthdays.”
Here is their shared birthday cake.

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  1. Yeah, a blog! What a nice baptism for Jaquline. I love that name, by the way. Everyone looks so happy, especially her. I remember meeting her in when I was there, though I don't remember where. Sweet picture of Karen and Allie. Congratulations Jaquline!

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