Labor Day with Nitsy

How Lucky are we? Three visits in one summer. The first, memorial day, the second, the fourth of July(we went down for their wedding party), and the third, labor day! Right when Betsy and Nick got into town we went to:
It’s this place where Betsy used to work when she lived in Provo. As we walked in the above sign greeted us, and we knew that this was a classy joint.
Nick’s little brother Boopy (Jonathan) met us there. Brothers.
There was an amazing special that day…stake and everything meal. Yeah, it was good.
Bellies full of food we decided to do something nice a easy…float the Provo River. We found a place with a nice cheap price:
Again, it was a real classy place, as seen by these pictures below:
We were really excited to get into the river. At least this place wasn’t one size fits all. Still the life jackets were a little tight.
We’re still smiling though!
The trip down the river was a really funny one. This river was a much slower one than the one in Morgan. Karl was board with the lack of danger, so he decided to keep himself busy collecting flip-flops he found in the river. Betsy lost her shoes, but it was OK, because she found a a pair on the bank.

In all, when we saw the sign below that told us it was time to get out of the river Karl had close to ten shoes, with which he had tried to construct a paddle.
The first thing we saw when we got out was this bucket of shoes…what is with people loosing shoes in the Provo river?
The shoe story was just one story of the trip down the river. Boopy had quite a traumatizing experience in which rude strangers on the river played a dominant part. The long and the short of it is that their boat hit him in the face:
and left him with a swollen eye.

He got ice on it when we got out of the water…poor kid.

I just got killer rash on my arms.

Among other scraps and bruises she got this awesome heart shaped bruise. What happened there Betsy? I just remember watching you go under a branch and flip over backwards.

Nicks injury turned out to be the most lasting. It is really only a little swollen here. It bothered him so much that Karl made him an awesome splint made out of Popsicle sticks and duct tape.
Karl was the only one with our injury.
Lookin’ good!
To get the group into better spirits we decided to visit one of the wonders of Provo. Ripples for some awesome lime-aides.

We went home and relaxed for a while.

For breakfast the next morning we went to Guru’s. It’s this funky little place on center with vegan stuff to eat and yummy food.mail.span class=jpg”>mail.span class=jpg”>I was just glad to eat again.

What to do on a Saturday in Provo? Cool cheep student stuff. Like beauty school hair cuts. Unfortunately there was like a two day wait for the hair cut there so we went to the next best place… mail.span class=jpg”> I needed an eyebrow wax:mail.span class=jpg”>Everyone else needed hair cuts. Betsy got her hair done.mail.span class=jpg”>Nick got his hair totally chopped.mail.jpgOnce our hair was done, we headed over to GenX for some sweet threads. mail.jpg

We went to Wingers for dinner and caught to end of the BYU game then made the mistake of going to the Creamery on 9th. mail.jpg

We thought that our car was going to be turned over! People were screaming in the streets and going totally nuts.

The next day was way more relaxed. We biked to church together.mail.jpgmail.jpgAfter church we came home and made stake and mashed potatoes for dinner.mail.jpgCheck out Karl’s sweet shorts. Branny and Leah showed up to the house along with the Whitmore gang. We had a t-shirt making party.mail.jpg

We all made shirts inspired by a variety of things.

Boopy, Flight of the Concords.mail.jpgNick, Weezer.mail.jpgKarl, Robots.mail.jpg

Betsy, Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog.mail.jpgAnd me? Reading Rainbow. The words say, “Take a look, It’s in a book!”mail.jpgThey left on Monday morning after they had breakfast. It was a great time. It’s too bad that they don’t look closer, we could have fun like this all the time.

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  1. I cannot believe that ALL of you darling children were together on Labor Day and were only a mere 2 1/2 hours away from your favorite Aunt and failed to come and visit! Shame on you! Do not let that happen again or I may have to place a curse upon you!

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