Batholowmew Lake

Friday morning dawned bright and happy. Karl was home and everyone was a little more settled. We had planned a playdate with Devanie at Bartholomew Lake Park.

It was supposed to be some kind of beach situation. It was on the water’s edge, but there was not really any sand. It was dirt.

And mud.

The kids didn’t seem to mind. 
After some snacks the kids got right in! 

We were all set for a day on the beach.

Even though we are still in the hot days of summer, the water was SO cold. 

My little chilly guy was not super into the cold cold water. 

He mostly stayed on the shore and played in the sand. He kept taking toys from the families near us, luckily they didn’t seem to mind.  Most of the toys you see here were mine, but of course he wanted the inner tube, which was not ours. 
Mirah was loving being out in nature. She spotted birds in the air.
And fish in the water. 
(You can see the kid in the water in front of her. He was there with some friends in their little boats fishing.) 
Whoa, she made it. 

I made him keep his floaties on just in case he got away from me. 
Like here when he ran towards the parking lot with one of our neighbors dump trucks. 
After being there about an hour, Devanie, Afton, and Dane arrived! 
Once they arrived, they got right down to some serious playing. 

And Lucas joined the group. 

Until he got a stray fishing hook, complete with worm, stuck in his foot! 
Some of Devs sisters in law arrived and the party got even bigger. Lucas became best friends with Julie, who had brought chips- which Lucas LOVED. 
Even with the food the kids spent most of their time out in the water. 

Mirah and Afton made mud pies. 

The mom’s sat and gabbed about this and that. 

The kids were just happy to be playing. 

The kids got hungry, and they knew who would have the food, the moms. 
Little perfect Dane. 
Eating some watermelon. 
Lucas got some too! 
Then Mirah came begging. 


My perfect baby boy. 

My blondie muddy buddies. 
Making chocolate milk. 

Dane and his cousin. 

The kids were all loosing it, and we had been out in the sun and water for hours so we happily went home. Tired and tanned. 

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