Melodrama Date Night

I read about this event at the Covey Center for the Arts.

Karl took me to a dinner theater once for my birthday right after we for engaged. It was called Pirates of Penzance. It was out at Mac’s Inn at Island Park, Idaho. We really enjoyed it. I thought this would be fun so I convinced Karl to let me buy some tickets.

We biked down Center street in Provo, and were there early. We sat outside of the theater and looked around while we waited. We realized that we were some of the few people under 60 that were there.
We were the first people in. We were shown to our table:
We lined up and got our dinner:

We sipped on the homemade root beer, and tried to eat slowly. We finished our meal and there was still no one at our table. We felt like social pariah A big family with a bunch of little kids came in. Karl leaned over and said, “I hope we get the little kids sit at our table.” I agreed. Senior couples can get a little awkward, but little kids are just entertaining.

They did sit with us! They were really fun. While waiting for people to finish their food, we participated in a game where we had to name all the western themed cardboard cut outs in the audience.

We played in tables. SO the kids were all over Woody and Laura from Little House on the Prairie, but Hoss and the Lone Ranger were totally lost on them. (and us to be honest.)

Here is Karl working with the girls from our table. There was a old timey picture of a really ugly man that ended up being Calamity Jane.
This is a woman.

The Melodrama ended up being an improv troupe called The Thrillionares.
It was REALLY funny. We had our hero, our heroin, and of course, our villain:
This guy was hilarious! Karl and I were brought to tears a couple of time. There was this time were he had to make up a song about a pie he made. Which ended up being a money pie. One of the lines was, ” A Buffalo nickel and some Rye, that’s how you make a money pie.” We will continue to quote that for years to come.

Great event! For those of you Provo-ites, go next year! It was awesome!

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