Brandon and Leah’s New Place

After much time spent searching and driving around looking for a place Brandon and Leah finally found their new place. Would you believe it, it is in this house.
I have passed this place so many times. I have always wanted to go in, and have supposed that a family lived inside. It is actually a four-plex.
The window with the A/C in it is the new place.
As we walked up loaded down with stuff, it all seemed so inviting.
I think that Leah was just happy to have a place she could finally call home.
Ok, it is a little old. In fact they were told this home was built in 1880. It is on the historic home tour in Provo.
I could feel the cool air from the swap cooler in the apartment through the wall…
The stairway was charming, and warm. The stairs were a little steep, but it is very charming.
We made it!
Lets give him some credit; the box was really heavy.
Check out the place.

As we poked around we found more treasures…
There is a fine set of little mirrors, with holes behind them.
A real stove and oven! Their old place didn’t have either.
Then Leah found a surprise in on of the cupboards.
Flour. Left from a previous occupant.

They also have an amazing view. The Main Street Theater Company is right across the street. They are the people who made such films as Gods Army, Gods Army 2, Brigham City, and apparently something involving that Christus Statue.

They also have friendly neighbors. We met two of them when they came up and told us that they ran into my car.

It was pretty annoying. We are really hoping that we don’t have to pay for it.
Signs are good. After all that heavy lifting, and sadness over the car, we didn’t want to cool any dinner. So we went to Sigon Noodle House. We all finished our food, and my fortune cookie was promising.
PS: They are replacing the door, and we will be in a rental car for a few days. I am grateful for insurance.

3 thoughts on “Brandon and Leah’s New Place

  1. oh my gosh I love that house! Is it charming like my house and its haunted rooms with bloodstained walls? I hope so. Your car! I just love the way you write about things you nut. That was great. PS did you know we live like two blocks down from you now? 151 E 300 N. Woot! surely we'll see you more now, right?

  2. Your car! Thank goodness your fortune came true. Those things happen. Love Brandon and Leah's new place. It really fits them. I sure hope that the hole will be fixed. It makes for good conversation I guess.

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