Goblin Valley: Wild Horse Canyon

Our last morning in the Goblin Valley area was a super fun one. We ate at the hotel to be ready for our hike, got all packed up, and headed over to the Wild Horse Canyon Trail head, where we were excited to get moving!

Before our hike, we got ourselves ready with our Jr. Ranger manual, and a good scan of maps of the hiking area. We were in search for things on the list of the Discovery Walk.

As we went we found all kinds of soft, and prickly things on our path. It kept us all busy looking at things we could spy from the list.

Thank heavens for other people who love our children, and for the people our children love.

As we went walking towards these caves and trees, we found a snake, a yellow and black stiped one, and everyone was excited, except me.

We were all enjoying the looks of these crazy looking trees that have withstood many flash floods.

Then the landscape began to change.

Me and my little hiking companion.

The walls began to come up and it was fun to see the changing geology.

Karen and of course Lucas was thrilled at the prospect of climbing up up and up.

Sometimes even the most adventurous climbers need a hand:


The kids found this little nook and took a seat together:

We kept moving forward. Finding new things to climb, new and more interesting rock formations, and nooks to crawl into. Mirah was very adventurous. I was proud of my beautiful amazing lady.

She seems so little sometimes, and yet I see her growing up so fast.


This hike was so much fun, there is a nice flat river bottom, for those who want to have a bit of a ramble, you can get it without getting too far away.

Except sometimes you could get too high, and get a little stuck, and maybe you would have to backtrack. Or get a dad to help you down.

Soon the canyon really started to narrow.

More little nooks were found.

The day was getting warmer. And shade was getting more and more necessary.

The canyon was really narrowing now. It would broaden for a minute, then get narrow. Unless we were right next to each other we would loose sight of one another.

We were into the hike a mile or so when the little kids started to complain of hotness and being tired. We took a good long break. Laughing and enjoying the time together.

We started heading back to the car, and got blocked in areas where it was very narrow. A couple was happy to hold themselves above us as we walked under them.

Me an my longhaired sweetheart.

Lucas wanting to have us walk under him too.

We decided to take a family picture in this crazy canyon.

I love them so much.

We got a few of the Whitmore’s too.

Mirah was hot and getting tired, but put on a happy face.

“Allison, look!!”

“I see you honey!”

Almost out.

One more family group shot.

Even though it was hot, there was lots of shade, and we still had lots of water.

Leaving the mouth of the main canyon.

We did it!! Back in the car, with more water, and the AC, we filled out our Jr Ranger books and started home.

We had such a great trip! We are excited to get out and see more of Utah and her natural wonders again, SOON!

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