Our Frolic Through the Lavenders.

I found a flyer about it at my work while picking up a radio for the days work. It looked really cool. I had never run a 5k before. I imagined myself leaping among flowers. How bad could it be?

The morning of the race was overcast, and cool which was a relief because it has been really warm our here. Karl, Me, Krysta, and THE Karen.
Krysta has done 5k’s before, and was really excited.
I love this picture of us. I was taking our new I Pod touch out for it’s virgin run. Yes, that’s right, we finally broke down and got an I pod. The problem, there was a setting that I didn’t know how to change: ever time you shake it the song changes. Cool, unless you are running.
Here is Karl the last time I saw him for the whole race. Yes, he left Krysta and I in his dust. In the down hill part he would sprint past huge groups of people. He was an unstoppable force.
As the race began it was cool, we could see the Lavender in the distance.

When we got right up close though, it was so cool.
Yeah, we live here. Sometimes I forget how pretty Utah is.
Towards the end of the race Karen was sick of being in the stroller, and let us know by screaming at the top of her lungs. So we let her out and got some sweet times with her.
It was less than a quarter mile left, but we took turns carrying her until she wouldn’t be carried anymore.
She insisted on helping mom push.
I rejoined Karl for a light breakfast of fruit and half a bagel. Karl finished 51st in his division (men 20-29). I came in 181st in my division (women 20-29) Not great, but not last either.
I got myself a victory bouquet of Lavender. I got to pick it myself and everything!
Karen loved it. She just say like this, with the lavender stuck to her nose. With some persuasion she let her mom have a sniff.
It was a great event. I don’t think they were expecting so many people. Still it was fun.

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