FHE at Provo Canyon

In honor of my mother Wendy, we headed out to Provo Canyon for FHE. It was a warm evening, and the park was pretty full. We found a fire pit that was luckily open though and got the fire started.
We brought a crate full of drinks and a watermelon, and dropped them in the river when we first got there.
The group included:

Me and my mom, and Karl.

Krysta Zac and Karen

Cameron and Kelly

Geoff and Jessie. (I didn’t ever get a picture of Jessie! This is a picture of Karl and Geoff, that is trying to show how they kind of look alike. )

It started to get dark and we all just sat around and talked. Mom, Kelly, and Cam went out on a walk.

Eventually Karl and I went and got the Watermelon out of the river…it was heavy.

The tin foil dinners cooked. Although Cam is pictured here Geoff, with Karl’s help, were our master cookers.

We wrapped some corn, and it cooked up fast. It was really tasty.

Our meals eventually finished and it was really good!
For dessert was roasted marshmallows and ate Banana boats. (Banana’s stuffed with chocolate and marshmallow cooked in the fire.) YUM!

One thought on “FHE at Provo Canyon

  1. Foil dinners take preparation but they make it easier at the camp site don't they. How long do you leave them in the coals? Does Karen like being out in the trees and seeing the river?

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