Scottish Festival and Highland Games

Welcome to the 35th Annual Scottish Festival and Highland Games!
This was such a fun event. I had have been looking forward to it for a month. Here I am with this really cute old Scot who didn’t understand why i wanted to take a picture with him. There was so much going on. We arrived early, before much had started, but even so there were bag pipers and drummers playing. Check out the link below. This drum line is rad. I love they way they twirl their drum sticks.

Here we are, bright and early ready to watch some Highland Games. Karen was having a good time. Here she is playing patty cake with Karl.

Krysta and Zac where having fun too; despite the cold weather and the rain.
Here is a quick little video of the playing fields.
There were several different classes of player. A, B, and C classes, then novices and women’s class. They all rotated around the playing field. We accidentally followed the women and novices and we watched an event, then looked around then came back to the games. Here are the women in their kilts.
The first event that we watched was Sheaf Toss. Its was basically a burlap bag tossed with a pitch fork. It is pretty funny. They players make it look so easy, but you can tell that it is really hard.
Here are some of the Athletes waiting to start. This is the A group. They are huge!
Here is a player named Karen. She was really funny to watch. She was always telling all the others how to do it before and after all of their turns.
This girl was my favorite. She was so hard core.
After this event was over, we walked around a bit, and when we got back look where we found them…
YES! The Caber Toss!
Check out these things. They are like telephone poles!
Check out this video. The rules are simple. You have to through the caber so it turns over once, and lands as straight as possible. The video below is a perfect through. You know that because the judge make the perfect sign behind her.
Here is another picture of the cabers. You can really see the different sizes. The red one that boy is standing on is the really big one. NUTS!
I mean, check this guy out!
While we wondered we found lots of cool things to eat and do. The park was full of “Clan” booths. Each of then showing the history and pride of the different Scottish clans. I never knew but Krysta is a Descendant of the Campbell Clan.
The man in the booth gave her, her very own name tag and everything.
Anther thing that I HAD to do is try some Scottish cuisine. Ever since I was a kid and I saw So I Married an Axe Murderer I have wanted to try Haggis. I finally did.
Yikes. Lambs stomach stuffed with ground lambs:hear, liver, and intestines.
Yeah, I did it.
I had to share the wealth!
We all agreed that the flavor wasn’t bad, it was just knowing what it was…
Zac wanted some “Mead” so we found this place instead.
You buy the bottle and then pay less for all subsequent refills. It was great.
Besides the food and the clans there were tons of vendors. Here we are in a tent full of weaponry. My D&D character uses a morning star…kinda like this one I am holding.

Karl found a aviator cap and goggles that he wanted, yeah, nat $80 wanted though.

We finsihed the day with a lunch of Fish and Chips.
I wish I was a Scot.

2 thoughts on “Scottish Festival and Highland Games

  1. This is so cool! Where was this? I wish we were in provolone so that we could go on adventures with you! Come August, we're going to tear it up just like old times. Love you guys! -Brandon

  2. You darlings have the best adventures! Next year, if you'd like to join the Scottish festivities, you are welcome to borrow Chase's kilt!

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