Laser Eye Surgery Party

This is Shena my Switzer or Switzy.

One of my favorite people on the planet. So funny, so loving, just a supremely amazing person. So when she told me she was getting laser eye surgery
I knew we had to do something to celebrate.

The idea was Zac’s really.
Here’s me, Smallie, and Switzy, getting ready to party!
It was Zac’s idea. We were going to watch the Home Movies Episode, Temporary Blindness:
Coach decides to get laser eye surgery, since his vision had always been terrible.

After getting the surgery Coach becomes blind, in which later he becomes a “physic.” This is where the “doctor” misses his eye and burns his face.
Just check it out! YES, so RAD!
This is one of my most favorite episodes of the show.
One of the things Coach McGirk predicts is that the schools chocolate milk has gone bad.
So we drank Chocolate milk. In the show, the reason that he knows it went bad was because he was the one who left it outside in the sun all day. He eventually regains his sight, but only after tricking half the town into paying him to do physic stuff for them.
We also had Ding Dong’s with whip cream and cherries on top, so we could eat some awesome eyes.
We all enjoyed it! Zac, Krysta, and Danica (Zac’s little sister.)

3 thoughts on “Laser Eye Surgery Party

  1. You guys are so funny! Absolutely any excuse for a party. Looks like it was a fun one, though I'm not sure about your choice of entertainment..a little scary when you're about to go under the knife, or lazer, that is.

  2. Pips, it was so delightful! I just kept picturing those happy little eyes…I mean eyeballs.. dancing around as they lasered my own eyes into oblivion. Just kidding, but that really was wonderful, thanks so much!

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