Farm Country

We had been chilling at home a lot that week, so we were ready to be out together and play!
Thanksgiving Point was just the place to go and play!

We hadn’t been to farm country for a while, and we were excited to go and play.
As we arrived there was an activity just starting.
Music Movers. 

The whole group was dancing with two ribbon sticks each, and Lucas and Mirah jumped right into the fray. 
In action:
Next we got easter egg shakers, and did more dancing. 

THEN we made our own shakers! 
Lucas was excited to just get started. 

We made our home made maracas. 

Then we got in line to ride the ponies! 

Soon enough the kids were on their very one steeds.
This is Luna. 
She is half quarter horse and half pony. 

This is Rusty. 
He is a whole pony! 

And the kids were off! 

Lucas was LOVING it! 
He looked SO grown up! 

After riding the ponies we played on the play set, said hello to the other animals, then left.

We went and met Krystin for lunch! We had Polynesian food at Mo Beddah.

When we got home we did some gardening of our own. 

Our tomato plants had begun really giving so much fruit! 

Our big beef steak! 

Our first Lemon Boy. 

My little helped Mirah picked all the orange cherry tomatoes she could get. 

First big harvest of the season, and it has been delicious! 

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