Mama Needs A Break

It had been a long couple of days without Karl, and even though I tried to keep things low key, Lucas and Mirah are anything but. 

It’s exhausting to feed them all three meals alone.

He we are having a costco dinn while Mirah explains to me how to do the breaststroke.

They did cute things too, like Mirah showed me these notes she had made me:
The top is a house made out of craft foam, and the bottom is a bookmark that somehow says, cuttlebug: “ckutull bug”

Things came to a head when I had to take them with me to my doctors appointment.

They are so cute…but when the camera was off they were nuts! They were into everything!

Randomly, Lucas is huge.

SO I needed a break.
I got my neighbor to lend me her daughter for an hour so I could be alone, and get my feet done.

One glorious uninterrupted hour.

Best part was that Lucas was down for his nap when I got home.

🙂 tender mercy. 

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