The Garden-Update

Just look at her. Isn’t she beautiful? Everything is growing so well!
These are the cucumbers and egg plants.
These are our green beans.

These are our carrots.


I mean just look at our tomato plants!

The row on the left is zucchini and the one on the right is yellow squash!

This is our little herb garden. It’s not doing so well, I think we need different dirt.

These little plants are our peas.

No veggies yet, but it is looking really good. Everything but our peppers. Krysta and I think we might have forgotten to plant them. Karl insists that we already have. I think I am just going to buy some plants.

On a totally different note:

We went to our neighbor/ friends Des and Doug’s baby shower at Kiwanis park. While we were there Karl met a baby Chihuahua named Peanut, that he loved.

And it loved him back…

And then…
Yeah, he totally dropped it. It was really cute though.

2 thoughts on “The Garden-Update

  1. Nice garden. I feel like such a slacker! I can’t wait to eat something that you grew. What’s up with the mosquito dog Karl? They may look cute when they’re young, but they keep making that yapping noise!

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