The Nick-ster

This is James Nicholas Reddoch…
Betsy’s Fiance
Nick is the third of four kids; three boys and one girl. He has an older brother Brian, who works for Countrywide in Ventura County. His older sister Angi lives in Dallas and works at Neiman Marcus and is about to start nursing school. His yonger brother Jon (know to us as Boopy) lives in Provo and goes to BYU. This is the Boopster this weekend.

Nick was born in Northern California. Later they lived in San Gabriel County. When he was eight his parents divorced and his mom moved to Orange County and his Dad moved to Arizona then New Mexico. Nick moved to New Mexico with his dad and older brother for a couple of years when her was twelve. He eventually moved back to California to live with his mom and Boopy.
Angi moved to northern California with her Grandma where she met the Enfangers. They were a senior missionary couple! Eventually both Angi and Grandma Reddoch were both baptized. Later Angi came home to So Cal and invited the missionaries to teach her Boopy. Nick was offend that she didn’t invite him to take the lessons too, so he was like, “eff you guys, I’m coming anyway!” (Nick wants me make sure and add that he really didn’t say that, it was my idea) He was however annoyed that they didn’t invite him, so he just sat in on the discussions. Both the boys were baptized and later served missions. Boopy served in Columbus, Ohio and Nick served in Omaha, Nebraska.
Nicks mom Maggie or Magdalena Reddoch was born in Mexico City but moved to the US when she was five. Nick loves his mom more than any one in the world. She eventually moved to Texas where she now lives with her Husband Charlie Nicholas who Nick calls “The Chuckster” and Angi.
After his mission Nick transfered from Orange Coast College to Cal State Northridge, where he got his BA in Cinema and Television arts with an emphasis in screen writing. He worked for a small production called Chesler-Perlmutter as executive assistant to the president. He worked for a website called that eventually went out of business. He did audience work for a while, which mean sitting in the audiences of TV shows laughing and clapping. He worked at Dreamworks, TNT, CBS, and Warner Brothers doing all sorts of different things. The best experience he had was Interning at New Line Cinema where he learned all about reality TV. He even created and produced an “optioned” reality TV show called “Chain Reaction,” about the life of a family that owns and runs a music club in Anaheim. He is currently writing a book and on sabbatical while he focuses on that project.
After all the anticipation and hours of horrible LA traffic Betsy and Nick FINALLY arrived at 8:30 am on Saturday morning! There was no time to waste! We got right on the bikes.
Krysta and Zac let us borrow some of their bikes. Here is Betsy on looking sweet on Krysta’s cruiser.
We took them to one of our favorite places, where the white trashy, greasy food flows…that’s right, Nate’s. This picture is the last of several failed attempts.
I like it.
Fun Fact About Provo: It is the Pawn shop capitol of the world.
Seriously though, there are TONS of them in Provo. On 3rd south there is one that caught our eye…
You see Betsy and Nick were on a mission: Find wedding rings, at one of Provo’s many Pawn Shops.
They were so cute.
We looked around all day and we eventually found rings.
We have spent the weekend, eating, watching movies, riding bikes, and laughing. It has been awesome.
Both Karl and I really like Nick.

Things to note:
He is a nick name giver. (i.e. Boopy, Chuckster, Wicket, Booboo, and the Hite family is now the Hit-ites). He has just registered as “in a relationship with snack packs” on his Facebook status.
He is a funny guy, I have been laughing really hard all week end.

He seems to make Betsy really happy. They fit, and Nick fits in the family.

5 thoughts on “The Nick-ster

  1. What a great weekend! How cool that Betsy and Nick came up. Is it just me, but does he remind anyone else of Papa Jim? Kind of, a little??? Anyway, they look sooo happy and I wish them the best.

  2. My mom wants to ask the Uncle Larry question: Is Betsy the “REAL BETSY” when she is around Nick? Does she act like herself?

    He sounds awesome and I can’t wait to meet him. We call him Nacho Libre in my family…so I guess we are nickname givers too.

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