Planting Day!

The day had finally come. We had prepared the ground and bought the seeds, PLANTING DAY! There were a couple of problems. First, it had been raining all day. Mercifully, the rain stopped for a few hours in the afternoon and we were able to plan. Secondly, our neighbor had planted a bunch of seed in our ground, so we had to dig it all up.

As we were digging we found some interesting things, like this huge brick!
A little while later, the ground was ready again.
It took us a minute to decide what we were going to do. We finally dug up rows. Krysta did the side walk side, and I dug closer to the wall.
I eventually dug myself into a corner.
I was covered in mud.
Yes, check out my shoes!
The rows were made, and now we we going to plant.

Beans, Squash, peppers and carrots! We also have tomato plants, which we didn’t plant yet.

Here she is, out garden. I can’t wait to see what grows!

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  1. hey allie, i dont know if i have commented on your blog yet, but its amanda kelley from university courtyard like 2 years ago. i have a class with your sister krystin, so i figured id say hi. you guys look like you are having a blast in provo!

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