Happy Mothers Day!!!

“Mothers are so special, with a very special love.
They watch us and protect us; they guide us and direct us,
Back to our home above.”
To the mothers in our lives, Wendy Sue Barainca Pipkin and Lynelle Hite, Happy Mothers Day!
The Front of my card, to both of you.
Yes, for mothers day we got together for FHE and made construction paper pop-up cards to send to our lovely mothers. What Hite family activity would be complete with out the Whitmores? Zac was still at work, so Karen and Krysta made one for MaryAnn Cox, Krysta’s mom. Karen was really upset she didn’t get to make a card for her lovely mother, and made her disappointment known as we worked. She really does have a wonderful and loving mother.

It was nautical themed, and was really cute!
For my mom, Wendy, I made a blue fairy card. The flowers pop up and everything!
Karl…well Karl decided to thank his mother for his pre-natal care…
Yes, that is a pop-up construct paper uterus. I of course was horrified. Karl was really excited and assured me that his mother would love it. Mama Hite, do you love it?
Both Karl and I want to take this time to say how grateful we both are for our mothers. We both know how blessed we are to have been raised by such wonderful women. Thank you Mom’s. Mama Hite, thank you for raising such a wonderful boy. He is a wonderful companion and loving husband, and I know he learned that from you. We thank our grandma’s and aunts and all the other mothers in our lives that have influence us and hope your day is a happy one.

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