The Garden Thief

Spring has finally arrived in Provo. The Lilacs here at Lilac Place are finally in bloom. When we open the windows we you can smell the flowers.

I has been snowing up to last week, so we have been waiting to plant. You can naturally understand my surprise when I walked out of the house for work the other day and I found this in our little plot of dirt:
Someone had planted sunflower seeds in our garden!
Our first reaction was rage! How could someone just plant in our garden space. All of our neighbors knew we were planning on gardening there. Krysta wrote a note and put it in the garden, making sure that everyone knew that it was ours.

We were pretty sure we knew who had done it. Needless to say, it was them, and we they are cool if we dig up the seeds.
After it was all done we and watered they mud. For fun.
It was at this point that Karen discovered how much she loved hose water.
This video is some of her first encounters.
I mean look at that face! She was laughing a screaming and having a grand old time!
After all that fun we laid out in the sun for a bit to dry off. Even though someone tried to steal out garden, everything turned out okay in the end.

2 thoughts on “The Garden Thief

  1. It will be interesting to see if you end up with any stray sunflower plants from seeds you missed. I was going to ask you if any peas were sprouting yet, but you hadn’t planted them yet. Keep counting the days. It will be time to plant tomatoes soon.

    The pictures of Karen are priceless!

  2. Oh lilacs!!!! They are my favorite flower! We used to have some bushes next to our house in Provo on 820 North. That is definitely one thing that does not grow in Imperial Valley. I love the way that in some places there are walls of purple and white. It looks like Karen had the most fun.

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