Baby Horse

Last week at my work a baby horse was born in the stables! It was so cute. It was only a day old and it was walking around. When I got home from work that day I couldn’t wait to tell Karl. As our readers know…Karl loves baby animals. Turns out baby horses are no different.
Here we are that day. We were really excited. My hair was braided…yes, one of my clients had done it for me earlier that day. I look like a seven year old.
Isn’t she beautiful???

She was just so little and soft.

Look at her little tail and legs. They are so cute!

Her name is Penny! Doesn’t she just look like a little lucky Penny?! They call her Ella’s lucky Penny. (Ella is her mom.) They chose a name by letting all the kids make suggestions. Karl suggested Pikachu. (Like the Pokemon.)

Look at her little tongue! She kept sticking it out at us, like she had just discovered it.

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