Karl’s Bike

On Tuesday afternoon we were going to buy a bike. I had such awesome luck finding an amazing used bike online that we were sure we would have the same luck with Karl. The search became obsessive and Karl finally narrowed it down to 3 bikes. They were located all over the Wasach front: Orem, Riverton, and Sugar House.

The evening was a bummer and by the end we were really tired. I am going to leave out all the details until the very end, just because it makes me sad to think about it.

After hours of driving around in the rain, it was about 9:00. We called the couple in Riverton, and told them we would take the bike after all. After getting lost for another 30 min, we arrived in the dark, to picked up Karl’s new bike.

The community was full of big, new houses. The gentleman who was selling us the bike met me in his garage as Karl got the bike rack set up on the car. I counted out the cash aloud and handed it to him. In return he handed me four coupons, “To alleviate the cost.”

We found out later that he was the regional manager of all of the Little Caesar’s in Utah.

It was late, so we drove home, and went to sleep. This is the bike that Karl and I bought.
Cool huh? We are not really sure how old it is.
It is a three speed with a hand shifter. Karl has been borrowing one of Zac’s bikes, where you change gears by back peddling. He is really excited to have a hand shifter.

The Bike is called a Free Spirit. It was made by Sears, years ago.It has this really cool rack on the back. It looks really art deco-y.
Now here are the cool parts. These were the major selling point for us.

Turning Signals. YEAH!

You control the light with this little switch on the handle bars:
It is seriously so cool!

It also has a Speedometer, AND and Odometer! It is so freaking cool!
Karl has had to make some adjustments to the bike so our kitchen has become a bike shop.

We have had to borrow lots of tools from Zac, but Karl has changed the tubes, and made all of the adjustments by himself. I am really proud of how much he has done on his own in getting his bike ready to ride.

We both have bikes!
Check, Check, on one of our goals for the year!

4 thoughts on “Karl’s Bike

  1. This bike will NEVER be as cool as my PINK BEACH CRUISER!!!! It can’t even COMPETE! I mean- does it give Karl wickedly AMAZING posture?????!!!!!!! So- YES we do want to hang out with you guys PRONTO! It’s making me CRAZY! What are your guys’ plans for conference? Are you coming up here? Do you want us to come crash your house on Sunday for breakfast or lunch and watch conference with you? We can bring STUFF! Love you POOPIE pants AND miss you too!

  2. Sweet bikes! I’ve been wondering what you’ve been up to. How are you doing? Hope you’re well. By the way… I found you on Katherine’s blog.

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