Branny’s Big B-day!

My little brother Brandon, not quite two years younger than me turned 24! Yeah, I love him. To celebrate we headed out to a new place in town, Five Guys Burgers. It just opened in Orem. It is big in the east, and is kinda like Inn and Out. Krysta and Zac ate there when they were back east for a wedding so they always speak really highly of it.

Sarah, Leah, Branny, Me, Karl and Randall all went out together.

You wait in a long line to order. While you wait, there are these big boxes of peanuts sitting around the room. You just scoop a little tray full and eat em’.
This is where you wait. There are big bags of potatoes stacked around then room. Theses are the potatoes that they use to make the French Fries. Guess where these potatoes were from?

I was pretty happy about the food.
The group sat down and waited.
Going to a burger joint always makes me feel fat. Hurray for double chins.
Lookin’ real chubby.
Well not Karl, he just looks hungry!
We didn’t have to wait too much longer, the burgers came soon. The buns were just a little smaller and there were lots of options for veggies and sauces.
Here is Branny’s Trippe Pattie burger.

After we were all done with dinner we headed over to Sammy’s for milk shakes.

We order, and here are some more pics of all of us waiting:

Sammy’s is famous for there pie shakes.

They take a piece of pie and then add ice cream, then blend. Here are all of our shakes waiting to be blended. We had a chocolate Oreo pie shake.
We all sang for Branny when they brought him, his shake. Unfortunately we didn’t have sound on the camera.

Branny loved it…I think.

6 thoughts on “Branny’s Big B-day!

  1. your hair is so long and beautiful!! i miss you guys so much i’m excited to come up this summer and see your house! maybe i can even crash with you guys. have you ever had people stay at your house before? this is belle by the way i’m just using krystin’s account so that i can comment.

  2. Hey! It sure looks like you had fun! Triple patties, oh my gosh! I sure miss you guys. I’m so glad that you were there to celebrate Bradon’s birthday together. Love you all.

  3. Sam and I love this place too! The day we went in Bountiful- they had potatoes from Rigby- Sam had a lot of pride that day! Also- I LOVE your hair- it’s GORGEOUS!!!

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