Orem Summer Fest 2021: Carnival Day!

Summer is REALLY here now. Not only have we done swimming lessons, and Summer Library, but the Orem Summer Fest celebrations have arrived. They kids always get so excited when they see the rides arriving and being set up in the park. Especially after last summers cancelation, they were THRILLED to get on the rides and have some fun.

Once we arrived and got our tickets the kids were SO excited to get running through the Fun House.

The got stuck behind some big kids. But they got through in the end.

Cuties. The first ride they wanted to get on was the swings.

We always got on the spinning Strawberries. BUT only 1 of the 4 strawberries was going and the line was too long, so we decided we would do the tea cups instead. The tea cups were only one ticket each and there was no line!

Hooray for being together and outsmarting the fair.

Mirah and I got into a cup, and Karl and Lucas got into another.

I think I might have over done it. I was SUPER dizzy when I got off.

We got in line for the Farris wheel, and the kids did a run through “Raiders”

We snuggled up, and off we went.

Next the slide!

Then the Dumbo ride. The kids were killing me on this. They realized that they could make the car shake if they pulled the lever just right.

Oh my goodness they were killing me.

We did a lap around the vendors. We found these ribbon toys and the kids were so happy to play with them.

We had thought about having lunch there, but we decided in the end to skip it and have something at home.

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