Zac Whitmore’s Birthday Party

It’s been a while since we had a birthday party for Zac. He is always ready to party for us, but we usually have to be a little more stealthy to party for him. We had a “Family BBQ” since we were having a summer of Fast and the Furious.

We made all the things you got to make for a BBQ. Potato Salad, Guac, Watermelon, Salad, and smash burgers.

We even borrowed a cotton candy machine from Betsy!

The plan was to project the next “Fast” movie onto the side of the house. So we borrowed Betsy’s popcorn machine to have movie theater style popcorn for the movie.

Todd Robins and his kids were there as well as Zac’s mom Janae. They really added to the fun and celebrations.

Lucas LOVES to have lots of kids in the house.

For dessert, we had what else? Apple Pie, just for Zac.

A round of happy birthday:

The gifts:

Karen made her dad this awesome Merman on a mountain drawing. Like seriously, so funny. She did an awesome job.

I seriously love this guy. Everyone who knows him, loves him. Everyone who is lucky enough to have him in their lives, calls themselves lucky. Everything that he touches, flourishes. SO SO SO thankful that he was born, married Krysta, and became my friend. I remember the first time I met him. It was at my wedding. We were in the temple. He congratulated me in Albanian. Just like himself, he wanted to congratulate me in a way that was meaningful and special to me. That’s Zac. Always making everything meaningful for the people in his life. May we have many many more days together to celebrate. I know my life will be better for it.

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