Abe’s Celebration: Part 3, The Exhibit

I read in the paper on Wedness day about an event at the Provo City Library:
So after Sensuous sandwich we all packed up the cars and headed over to the Library at Academy Square

When we got to the ballroom, however, there was no room in the inn…(frowny face)
A guard told us that the artifacts were still on display and we could have a look at those.
The line was kind of long, so Karl tortured Ren to pass the time.

There were some really cool things, like this picture of Abe with a progressive hair cut. Karl said looked like a young Creed Branton.
There was even a real, period stove pipe hat! Karl tried to pull an Indiana Jones swap out, but the replacement hat didn’t have a place to display the pennies.

Here Abe, pre-beard, and pre-presidency.

This an actual piece of the coat that Lincoln was shot in.

Read the Picture:

Because we were denied access to the ballroom, we couldn’t get any of the advertised “Abe’s favorite cake” so we headed over to 7-eleven to have slurpies, which we decided that he invented. Later we found out that his favorite cake was white cake, with white icing. Racist.

Note by Karl: I assumed that Abraham’s favorite cake would be something absolutely gross. Collectively we decided it would be a rum nut loaf. Old timey folks loved that kind of junk. Also did you know that the movie “National Treasure” was pretty close when they showed the desk in the oval office open up like a puzzle? The only real difference from reality is that it’s not a little piece of wood that slides out, it’s the slurpee machine that Abraham Lincoln had installed.

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