Lincolns Birthday Bash: Part 2

After work and school on Thursday, the 12th of February, we headed out to dinner. We wanted to honor Abraham Lincoln as the father of liberty and Au Jus. (I know, it is arguable that he is not the father of either, but, we ran with it.) So, we headed down to Sensuous Sandwich, to take the 24 inch challenge. It was a snowy night, but we were dressed to impress. I was really excited about the event, so I was worried it would be busy.

Yeah, it was empty. Totally dead. We were the only people there.
The stakes: One 24inch sandwich, eaten in 30 min. The reward: Your picture on the wall of fame, a free Sensuous Sandwich t-shirt, and free medium drinks for life as a member of the 24 inch club.
We lined up to get ready for the challenge.
Even Karen was excited. We forgot to make her a hat…

We all ordered different things. Karl and I got the Big Dipper, no veggies, extra Au Jus, to make the sandwich slide down quicker.

This is Alan and Richard Christensen. I don’t remember what Rich got, but I know that Alan got the Sensuous Sandwich, Salami, Italian Sausage, and Pepperoni. He got all the veggies and sauces he wanted.

Zac got a turkey (and maybe ham) sandwich, no veggies, side of Au Jus. Krysta, because of some miscommunication on my part, didn’t prepare for the event, so she had an 8 inch, and was our camera man, Yeah baby!


Here are the pre sandwich interviews:

Just to put it into perspective…24 inches, yes, the length of my whole arm.
And the length of Zac’s whole arm.

The place only had one stop watch so we had to wait for all the sandwiches to be done to start. I unwrapped mine, just to have a look. I had them cut it into 3 inch pieces so I could just a a bunch of little sandwiches. It didn’t look too bad.
Alan unwrapped his, and almost had a heart attack…of happiness. I really think this was the best day of his life.

3-2-1-and we were off!

Everybody had a different tactic. The Christensen brothers just went for it.

Zach kept some in the bag, starting slow with Au Jus, and getting faster, pushing each bite down with a sip of water.
My tactic was one bite at a time, while Karl just wanted to get it down as quickly as possible.

At about 7 min, I was half way there!

At 7 min 38 seconds, Karl was the first one done!

Then rich, at 12min, 18 seconds, without breaking a sweat.

Next Zac, at 13 min, 30 seconds, then Alan…at 17min 54 seconds.

At approximately 24 mins, I had one 3 inch to go…

At approximately 25 mins, I lost the contents of my stomach into this garbage can. SO CLOSE!
So the boys all did it, I was the only one who had failed Abe! But, as one of our party put it, it kind of made the experience complete that one of us couldn’t do it and had to throw up.

Post sandwich interviews.
Free Shirts.

Alan with his first of many victory beverages.

And of course here is the picture that is now proudly displayed on the 24 inch club wall of fame!

(From left to right, Asian Abe, Karl H. Abe Jr, and Asian Abe’s brother.)

Happy Birthday Abe, we love you!

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  1. You know how much I love Abe, and in the words of Karl, you “honored that guy big time.” I love you guys SO SO SO SO MUCH! I wish I could have been there for this historic event. Anyway, everything about this is basically amazing. And I love you. The end.

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