A Bright Spot, Thanks Gabi and Caitlin!

On Sunday January 11, on my sister Maryn’s Birthday it started. “The sickness.” Both Karl and I got the stomach flu. I took my second sick day since May, when I was hired the next day. It took Karl and I a few days to get back on the food wagon. It was like a celebration! On Sunday I started to get a red bump on my eye. I sty. The worst thing about sty’s is that you can’t wear makeup with them, so everyone thinks you are sick because you aren’t wearing makeup. On Wednesday 21st the migraines started and then the cold, and then on Friday…I got the stomach flu again. I took my third sick day since the beginning of my employment. I’ve had to miss Church, work, Enrichment activities, an opening social, a ward temple trip, and Devo’s birthday party. It has been a total bummer.

This picture really exemplifies past couple of weeks for me:
Eyes closed, no makeup, looking like death, with a pink eye that some thought was a swollen eye where my husband had hit me…ugg.

Then, on Friday afternoon, it happened. A tender mercy of the Lord! Gabi’s package! (Before I go too far though I would say that Krysta and Zac have done a lot to take care of us too, thanks guys!)

It was from Gabi and Caitlin!
Here is the attached note.
Lots of presents inside!
I got Jelly Belly’s! Yes! My poor little candy machine was so low! They are just what I wanted!
Gabi also sent me this rockin’ necklace!

Then Caitlin sent Karl this! Enjoy a photo montage:

I think the pictures speak for themselves…he loved it! Those are happy tears.

Gabi, thanks for the Wall Flowers and Wall e! I really wanted both of these gifts!
Now our family animal display is complete.
Thanks guys…you are the BEST!

5 thoughts on “A Bright Spot, Thanks Gabi and Caitlin!

  1. I am not sure why I should start crying to see Karl with a stuffed sloth…perhaps I can blame it on the snow and not being at Christmas. But I am glad you liked all of your gifts. Gabi felt bad for eating all of your jelly beans last summer when we visited. Also, I am glad that the box is out of my living room.

    Also, also, what the sick?!?!? I’m really glad you aren’t puking up any more. Love you!!!!

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