Did you know…We have an African American President!

(This picture makes me laugh)

I didn’t vote for Obama. The truth is, neither Karl nor I voted in the November 2008 Presidential election. Neither of the candidates moved us to vote. They were too much this and not enough that. We, like many Americans are finding it harder and harder to identify ourselves within a political party. I am ashamed to say it, I didn’t vote.

Today I sat with my clients and the rest of the delinquents at the treatment center I work at and watched the inauguration. I knew walking into the auditorium that I was about to watch history. I knew it was important to remember everything about it.

We seem to forget details, and are left remembering the way we feel. I was surprised. I felt,inspired. Sitting amidst youth of every color, religion, and background, I was moved. They were moved. Their excitement was contagious. I found myself smiling, and smiling. I was participating in it all. For the first time…I wanted to believe what this politician was telling me. I wanted to believe his promises for the future. I am one of the cynics that he talked about, but for the first time, in a long time, I am hopeful for this new government.

I found this image online and it makes me smile again. America has crossed another barrier, and it is exciting to witness.
So our first African American president, Barack Husein Obama, was sworn into office on the same bible as Abraham Lincoln, the day after Martin Luther King day, and the world it is a changing.
I loved watching crazy Michelle and the girls. It reminded me how young he was, seeing his youngest daughter squirm through the whole thing, it was fun.

If you haven’t watched it…watch it…here is a link below.


I am grateful to have been able to be a part of this today.

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  1. Pips! I love it. I only watched it because my roommate came running in to watch it, and I felt exactly the same way. I wasn’t a cynic and I did vote for him, but I didn’t think much about it. I felt excited and inspired though, and I’m glad you posted that!

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