The Adventure of the Deep Fried Christmas Turkey!!!

Dad got Mom an awesome deep fried turkey maker for a gift this year. I am not sure if it was “for Christmas” but it was a gift so that we could make a deep fried turkey for Christmas. It was an expensive possess. Peanut oil is expensive!
We read up on-line about the process. It was only supposed to take an hour or so. It took 2 1/2.

We got all the equipment set up.

We got the oil in, and heating up.

We came in and got the turkey all ready.

While Karl seasoned the turkey I found these instructions sitting on the counter. They said that you needed to measure the amount of oil by first setting the turkey with water in the fryer to make sure you have enough oil. The warning reads:

If the information in items 1-6 above is not followed exactly, oil overflow may occur resulting in death, serious injury, or property damage.
I started to get really nervous.
The turkey was ready to get in.
Karl was ready in one of my mom’s aprons.
And the turkey was slowly dropped in. Karl did not die…luckily.It was at about this time Dad showed up to check on our progress.
Everything met his approval. He started to get really into it.

The fight at that point became the temperature. We couldn’t get the temperature to where we wanted it. That is way it took so long.
It was getting really dark at this point so we pulled out the awesome new LED flash light my dad got us for Christmas.
We checked on the Turkey a couple of times…it looked good, but it just wasn’t quite done.

The wind kept picking up and blowing our the fire. We had to get pretty clever to keep it going.

Brother Suma showed up at this point to help get things going.

He really like the flash light too!

We checked the internal temperature…170! Yes, it was ready!
It was at this point, as brother Sumateia say the Turkey come out of the oil her quietly said, “I love you turkey.”
We got her inside.
We tired pulling her out of the container, and just got the top half.
The bottom stayed in the there.
Karl got the first bite…and it was delicious!

After waiting a long time the group was happy!

Except Cameron. We were interrupting his grad school application work.
Here is the kids table. Matthew was so kid to stop flipping me off while his dad was there.

We ate and mostly everyone liked the turkey…especially brother Suma….I think I heard it again as he bit into this wing…”I love you turkey!”

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