Pipkin Family Christmas!

When I was a kid Christmas Eve was the BEST! My family and all of the cousins in the valley would get together and have a party! We would meet at my grandpa Pipkin’s house and make a total mess. After grandpa died we would do it at one of the families houses. Six years ago…for some reason we stopped having them. We would have a party with just our family or with some friends in the ward. Then, a miracle occurred, we got together again! This time with the Sumateia’s.Here is Mom and Sister Suma getting everything all ready. Seeing this picture reminds me that when you through a party you rarely get to enjoy it. Thanks to every one who made this such a great night!

Warning: There are tons of pictures in this post…I just wanted to post them all…but I had to choose the top 35 0r so…
Seriously…tons of pictures.

Here are Dad and Brother Suma…they always seem to find a quiet corner to retreat when the noise starts, and in our family that is all the time!
A few minutes after the above was taken they got toys out for my cousin Spencer’s kids and Dad and Brother Suma had to find a different spot.
Amanda! Here is my cousin Amanda who I haven’t seen since my wedding. I love her! She is so cute here…being an aunt.
Last time I saw her she had this amazing Medusa tattoo on her stomach. Now she has this little number:

It is my Aunt Kathy, her mother, when she was 20ish. I love it, it is so Amanda.

Me, Maryn, and my cousin Joe. Again, I haven’t seen Joe in even longer. He was so different when I last saw him that it was like talking to another person this time.

He was so grown up. We found out we are both working on psychology degrees. Cameron at any family gathering.
Luckily he found my cousin Patrick.
They were friends in high school so it was easy for them to talk and hang out together.
Maryn and Chelsea…watching the kids play. Don’t they look alike?
Oh my beautiful sisters. So much red hair…so little time.

Then of course there were my wonderful parents. Here they were together while Mom wasn’t cooking stuff and Dad wasn’t off with brother Suma. Dad always pulling a face!
This picture of my dad and me took like…6 trys. Seriously ask my sister Krystin who took them all. She kept saying, “Dad, smile!” or, “no, Allie, you didn’t look very good in that one.” By then end Dad and I tired so hard…we got this one. Thanks Krystin for all of your persistence.
Mom and me…I think we look a little alike. I get that a lot from people, to which I always say, “thank you, my mom is very beautiful so I defiantly take that as a compliment.”
Here I am with Benji Sumateia. He was my 11 year old scout. Yes I was an 11 year old scout leader when I got home from my mission. We had a blast together back then, and now here we are together again. He looks just like his brother Sean.
Me, my cousin Spencer, his mother Kathy, and Amanda. I haven’t seen Spencer since…03, I think. That was so long ago.

And here they are, together again, R. Marcus, Kathleen, and Alan Pipkin.
Here is the Spencer and Christie Arnold family…so cute!

Aunt Kathy, Christie, and Amanda…this one was also a series of pictures because these three could not stop laughing! I love you guys!

Now you may have been wondering…Allie where was Karl during all of this madness?
He found Maryn’s I Phone. Yeah…he did.

The night took a serious turn at the end.

Dad of course, finished the evening by reading the Christmas story. We sang hymn and a thought of the Savior.

Well at least most of us did… ; )

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