Hite Family Christmas

This was my third Hite Family Christmas, and it was not a disappointment. They have lots of hilarious traditions that are tons of fun. The first one in BIG SANDWICHES!

Mama Hite explained it to me once this way…

“When the kids were little during the year we couldn’t afford to buy the most expensive meats and cheeses during the year for their school sandwiches. So on Christmas eve we would buy all the most expensive meats and cheese and other stuff and make big sandwiches.”

It also stems from a Christmas Eve tradition at Dad’s house. They would have sandwiches on Christmas Eve because Christmas day was the day when you have a big dinner.

This year was no different….

Look at all that meat!
All the cheese and pickles a person could ever ask for!
And of course veggies galore!

The traditional bread for the Hite’s is torta rolls from a backer/Mexican donut shop in Brawley. Karl and I brought some of our favorite bread from Utah for the occasion as well, G-ma Sycamore.

Dad also made some amazing potato salad, and bought tones of chips for the occasion.

These pictures are of my sandwich…sooo good. Pastrami with Bacon, muenster cheese, pickles, sprouts, tomatoes, lettuce, and olives. I also used ranch as my spread…legand…wait for it…dary!

This one is Karl’s
He had pastrami, roast beef, and bacon…he said…”it was sooo good!”
I didn’t find out what anyone else had but from the expressions on all of their faces, it looks like it was really good!

This is my favorite of the sandwich eating pictures! Caitlin, I love you!

Once dinner is over there is the traditional telling of, “Why Christmas is So Nice”


The above is a link to the full story.

This year things were a little different. As you may have noticed we are missing a lot of bodies in the house this year. Zach, Danielle, Malia and Gaby didn’t make it.

Zach and Danielle had to work, and they were worried about their car, so they didn’t make it.

On Monday we got a call from Malia, Karl’s oldest sister. There was a problem. Portland was being covered by mountains of snow, and her flight was canceled. Neither she nor her foster daughter Gabi would be making it at all for Christmas this year.

We all missed them. But we pushed on.
Caitlin was our reader this year.

In an effort to connect the Hites that missed this Christmas, we recorded much of the reading for you. Enjoy!


No Pants


(Note: I had a really hard time loading these videos, I have 2 more. The longest one too. If you are interested, e-mail me and I will try and e-mail them to you.)

Finally, is the Hite kids gift exchange. Malia gave to Zach, so her gift wasn’t there. Betsy gives to Gabi, yeah, another no show. Karl had Malia, she wasn’t there.

Zach gave to Karl, he actually sent that gift…a dremel. Karl loved it.

I got Caitlin. We got her a gang of books, which we think she liked. My favorite one is the Abraham Lincoln one. Keep an eye out for the Ab Lincoln B-day Bash we are going to have in February.

Gabi had me, she still wasn’t there. Danielle had Betsy and sent her Pride and Prejudice but it didn’t get here until Friday! Caitlin had Danielle.

Then of course Mom and Dad opened a gift.

We got dad a Ben Stein book. Good Joke.
He seemed to be more interested in the cupcakes that Betsy brought though…hehehe.
We also got mom a book about dreams…it make for some awkward conversation.
We gave Betsy some G-ma Sycamore’s, that counts right?

I mean she looks really happy.

Christmas Morning was a barrel of laughs too.
We had a great time and opened lots of presents. Check out the Christmas Tree Explosion!
Here we are gathering….

Betsy got a really hot coat! Not to mention that apron..ow ow!
Karl got this rad Hamburger Frisbee!
Caitlin got some awesome Hello Kitty cloths!
Mom got a bunch of new place mats for the dinning room.

Caitlin was all tuckered out by the end.

Thanks Mom and Dad for a great Christmas!

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