The Adventures of Karl and Allie…and Caitlin

This adventure is dedicated to Caitlin Regina Hite, with out whom, this adventure would never have been possible. Caitie, I can never be mad at you.

SO. It was Tuesday December 22. Crunch time for shopping. In her subtle ways, Caitlin had obtained the Christmas wish of one Jim FOAK (fount of all knowledge) Dad Hite. It was a cat. So like a good daughter, she began a rigid search.

She started with the paper, there are always cats available in the paper, right?

Not on this day. Not one in the penny saver, and one, just one in the Imperial Valley Press. A Siamese cat. When Caitlin had discreetly received Dad’s Christmas wish intel, the only specific information about what kind of cat he wanted was that he really didn’t want a Siamese cat. What to do what to do…we called him:

“Do you totally hate Siamese cats? No, OK”

I was on the phone in a flash!
No one answered at the Siamese cat house!!!

Christmas was only two days away, and we had to continue our search, just in case the one cat in the paper was already gone. With my know how, we drove to the place were animals flow…the Imperial Valley Humane Society.

As we approached we read the sign…
Closed on TUESDAY??!!! Today was Tuesday! Maybe tomorrow? Another sign caught our eyes…

Here’s a closer shot…
The Humane society was a bust! Where to next…

We thought of where we had seen kittens before, and with a resounding shout we knew where to go: Wal Mart!
Not that the great and spacious Wal Mart sold kittens, but there always seemed to be people giving free kittens away outside of the building. We got there and…no luck! There were only like 50 salvation army people with their bells out side.

Our final idea was Petco. It had been built after all of us had moved out of the Valley so we were first-timers at this location.

We walked in an found some cages with cats and kittens in them under a big plastic sign that said, “Think Adoption First.” We were all really excited…these were the first cats we had seen in our rigid search!
We had decided on an adult cat, and when we first saw a little white cat we knew she was the one.

There she is…sleeping.

Mission accomplished, right? WRONG! The catch was that we couldn’t pick her up until 7. It was 4:30. We called the woman who was in charge of adoption and she said we just had to be there to pick her up.

We had found the cat, but when you buy a cat there are many things to buy and consider. First of all, a name. We as adults decided that we were going to name the cat rather than letting her new owner name her. We talked about it for a while and decided to name her after a Christmas gift dad had asked for on his blog, but none of us could afford. We considered some of the things on his list:

“Fork seals…new Speed Triple or ST1300ABS…ceramic chef knife…nine inch by nine inch piece of diamond plate…flat griddle…ultralights, powered parachutes and or gyrocopter….

Then came this line…

“Your mom wants a segway. And if you gave it to both of us, I’d be happy – so that would be a two-fer gift.”

Segway! We all started laughing. We are all big Arrested Development fans so we thought about G.O.B and laughed. That was it, Segway. We had a name, we needed a tag:

This machine was really cool.

We watched it engrave the name and everything!

Just look at it. I added the blurs.

Well we had a tag now we need food, kitty litter, a littler box, (we got a turkey roasting pan) toys and more!

Who knew there was so much one little cat needed.

We were really excited by this point. But when we got there, these two women wanted her too! We were freaking out! Caitlin very slyly told them that we had already “called her.” They left, and a few minutes later…
a little lady with a crazy sweater walked in a handed us our kitty!
Karl was really happy and I think I was about to cry.
Now we had legal proof she was ours.

We didn’t waste any time giving Segway her name tag.

And we were off! On our way to give dad his cat. On the ride home we discussed what we should do. Should we try and hide the cat for two days so Dad could have a special gift on Christmas day? Or would it be best for the cat to get her used to her new home just to give the gift that night? We sided with the cat. And 15 min later…

He doesn’t look it, but I think he was really happy with the cat. Later there was some problem with the name. He said something like, “I really don’t like it,” and “what about Ducati,” and later he decided that the cats name would be “Du-Kitty” but that is another story entirely.

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