Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back!!!!

For the first time since last Christmas we headed back to the desert south west. But this time the desert wasn’t so hot. In fact it was really cool.

Snow in the dessert
By the time we were South of Las Vegas we couldn’t believe that there was still snow!

Even as far south as Search Light!

Here’s Karl getting gas, in snow!
I was going to wash the window but the squeegee was frozen into the bucket!


Just a few miles later…we were finally in CALIFORNIA!

The trip was uneventful until about 10 miles outside of Blithe…we heard what sounded like a slapping noise outside…it was a tire…a FLAT TIRE!

Luckily we didn’t have anything in the trunk to worry about…except all of our Chirstmas Presents!
Another lucky thing is that we had passed all the muddy mud, and we were in sad. Also we were out of the snow…in the day…close to home…and Karl is awesome enough to fix the tire.
When we saw the cause of the flat…we were really surprised…

There was a hole in the tire from all the wear.

It is almost as big as the hole in my shoe.

A few hours later…we were home. We saw a few things that lead us to KNOW we were here…

Chistmas Decorations that look like snow, that aren’t really snow.

Someone herding cattle with thier truck…

Into their front yard.

And of course…Mt. Signal!
um…I didn’t take this picture. You get the idea!

2 thoughts on “Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back!!!!

  1. Speaking of flat tires – did you know that as a child, Karl thought the parts of tires from blow-outs that you can see on the sides of freeways were black belts. He was wondering why everyone was leaving their black belts on the sides of the road. Niiiiice.

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