Summer Tuesdays: Library, Movies, and a Pool

Summer Tuesday routine is still in full swing. The kids LOVE to spend time in the library. We renewed or checked out new books. Made our buttons, then played games! Mirah played with a classmate and child of her teacher 3rd grade teacher, Noah Keil. Lucas played with his best friend from Kindergarten Jordy. Jordy and her grandma come to library every week, and Lucas is delighted.

After Library we went to the Movies. Devanie, my mom, Karen, and Karen’s cousins came too. We watched Trolls World Tour and had a blast. After the movie we all headed over to the Scera Pool, where we met up with Krysta, her sister Amber, her Husband, and their baby. They got right to playing and having fun.

The pool was packed! The kids didn’t mind. They were having so much fun.

Afton and Mirah took some cute pictures, but as always, they just couldn’t get along.

Here is Krysta with her sister’s baby.

On days in the water, it’s always hard to get pictures. BUT here we all are together on our way out.

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