The Non-Adventures of Karl and Allie

So several members of my friends and family have given me a hard time about not posting last week. Truth be told, I wasn’t going to post today either. Its not that I didn’t want to, believe me, I spend all week trying to find a funny event to report on. These last couple of weeks have been full, just not very reportable. Things have happened, but nothing out of the ordinary. So to appease my anxious readers, I have decided to tell you about some of our non-adventures.

First: R-2 Sweet Tooth.

Karl and I just finished catching up to a “new show;”new to us anyway. It is called “How I met your Mother.” We love it, especially Barney Stenson. Doogie Howser M.D. (Neil Patrick Harris) is all grown up, and a ladies man.
Oh speaking of Neal Patrick Harris. If you haven’t seen Doctor Horrible’s Sing Along Blog yet, you’ve gotta see it. It is three Web-isodes long, created by Joss Whedon, the guy who did Fire Fly. It is a Musical/Comedy/Melodrama. Great stuff. Dr. Horrible is a wannabe super villain. The link below starts with act one part one. Watch through act three, part two. (You can also look them up on

So, any way, R2 Sweet Tooth. We were watching HIMYM (How I Met your Mother) and they had this awesome Robot Cookie Jar.
This is a better picture of the Robot, not cookie jar, but piggy bank!

Well, I got a better one. I found him on eBay, for 16.99, including shipping. I call him, R2 Sweet Tooth, the second.
Non Adventure 2: New Curtains, a Tree skirt, and a Gravy boat, and Karl’s new jeans.

Mervyn’s is closing nation wide. So we went to see if we could get in on the sweet sales. The place was pretty picked over. We were able to find Karl some jeans, a gravy boat for Thanksgiving, and an awesome tree skirt for Christmas time, and curtains. The curtains were too long and really wrinkled. After only a few hours of ironing and hemming, they were ready to put up. We hung them in our bedroom. It really finished the look. I am really proud of us.

The lump in the bed is Karl. He was sleeping when I took this picture. I had to make the bed over him so I could get it.

Third: Lionel Got Baptized!
Here is the group:
Maryn, Lionel, Sister Missionaries, and Lionel’s friend from work that baptized him. I call this a non adventure, because I wasn’t able to be there. This is the only photo I have seen of the whole event…yeah. BUT, thank you so much Aunt Kathy for e-mailing it to me. It is really cool to have it. The baptism was really exciting. I wanted to be there so badly. Its all about the money. Did you know it costs more to fly from Salt Lake City to San Diego, than it does to fly from LA to Guatemala? Yeah…what is this world coming to?

Non Adventure: Fourth, DI shoes

I got these cute flats. $4.
Karl got new brown dress shoes. $6.
The DI is awesome. Brand names, slightly used, for 95% off.

Non Adventure, the Fifth: Winter is here in Provo.
I have to say first, that I am so grateful that there really hasn’t been very much snow! It has made my anxiety manageable, but when the snow starts…yikes. Yet, when I leave for work at 6:15 in the morning, I have to scrape the windows and warm up the car. (Luckily we got a new battery, starting up is no problem now! he he)
Fall is over; that’s really the news. Most of the golden leaves are gone and we are finally left with bare trees everywhere.
6. Christmas Decorations, I can’t help it.
We put Christmas lights up in our windows. Our friend Zac Whitmore thinks we are dumb. The truth is that I would have all my decorations up, including our tree if we weren’t having people over for Thanksgiving. I put my tree up the first day of November last year.
The only other Christmas decoration that is out is this ornament that my mom gave Karl last year for Christmas. Did you know, Karl loves squirrels!

Karl also loves baby animals, did you know? Here are some of his favorite videos:

Baby Sloth:

Baby Panda Sneezing

Kitten in a Boot

Kittens at play

Kittens-Coca Cola BoxWatch more amazing videos here
Non Adventure, the Last: We Bought Our First Turkey Together.

There she is. Out first turkey bought as Mr. and Mrs. Karl Hite. I call her…Glenda. She is taking up my whole refrigerator! All 20.26 pounds of her. She is no my first purchased turkey. That was in November 2004, in Albania. I pitched in some money for the Elders to go and get a live turkey from the poultry market. They had to kill, and de-feather that one. That is another story for another day. I think that this one from the Costco refrigerator is a better deal anyway.

I suppose there is nothing but stories to tell about our goings on everyday. To our readers, we will keep looking for the “good one’s.”

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH ok so i am laughing because you are so awesome. you made the bed over karl HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHA

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